I grew interested in Cuban education as a whole after speaking with my pen pal about woman and their access to education. Education in an important topic to me because of how valuable it is. In the United States, education is kind of sold to us as a means of upward mobility. For example, were… Continue reading Education

Roots of Revolution

“I think that I’ve tried many times to get Cuba in my writings, especially Havana, which was once a great and fascinating city” – Guillermo Cabrera Infante I was always fascinated with pre-revolution Cuba. I loved reading about the glamour and opulence of Havana in Hemingway books. Cuba was described as a beautiful, hopeful place.… Continue reading Roots of Revolution

US Cuba Relations

I’m surprised that Cubans don’t hold more animosity towards the United State of America after learning about the Platt Amendment. That law pretty much embodies the unfair idea that the United States is superior to all other countries (which it isn’t). Although the people in the United State thought that was what’s best for Cuba,… Continue reading US Cuba Relations