I grew interested in Cuban education as a whole after speaking with my pen pal about woman and their access to education. Education in an important topic to me because of how valuable it is. In the United States, education is kind of sold to us as a means of upward mobility. For example, were told to get a good education so we can have a well-paying job. It was very interesting to me that education is such a huge point of focus in Cuba because this idea of upward mobility is frowned upon by communist governments.

I read that Cuba is actually the he country with the best education system in its region, and dedicates the highest amount of its budget (13%) to education. This is what I believe is another place Cuba is succeeding where the United States is lacking. Women’s rights along with access to education are far more advanced in Cuba than here in the United States. Here, millennials are typically shamed by conservative adults and brushed off an entitled simply because they want the right to free, quality education. I love how in Cuba this right is granted an the importance of education is celebrated

I read an article about the World Bank’s findings in Cuba that claims “The World Bank Report also praises Cuba for its success in the fields of education and health, with social services that exceeds those of most developing countries and, in certain sectors, are comparable to those of the developed nations. The country’s social system that ensures state-sponsored universal access to education and health services has helped Cuba to achieve universal literacy, eradicate certain diseases and provide universal access to safe drinking water and basic public sanitation. Cuba now has one of the region’s lowest infant mortality rates and longest life expectancies”. This is so interesting to me. If I had read this years ago with all of the preconceived notions I was taught about Cuba, I would not believe it. I think were so quick to claim that the government is flawed and not working and brush over the achievements made due to communism and equality.

With that being said, I did read about some downsides when it comes to Cuba’s education. Early on, Cuban children are indoctrinated with the government’s pro-communism agenda. When reading this, at first I thought that it was such a heinous thing for the government to do, and they were essentially brain washing their own people. However, the more I thought about the more I realized that he United States teaches its children in a similar. Early on, we are taught the benefits of a democratic government and capitalism. I was never taught that maybe there could be more than one right way to govern. Unfortunately, Cuba takes this indoctrination to the next step, and jails parents who teach their children otherwise. Students also need to be   cleared by the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution before they are allowed to take the university entrance exams. This makes me really conflicted about the Cuban education system because it does so much good, but at what price?

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